• Negotiating and Executing the transfer of Doctors Nova Scotia Records for the period 1854-1970 to the Nova Scotia Archives.
  • Establishment of a Permanent Medical History Display at the Yarmouth Historical Museum which celebrates the five generations of doctors in the Webster family who practised in that town and county.
  • Saving the Victoria General Hospital Records (1867-1970) from destruction. Arranging for these records to be transferred to the Nova Scotia Archives.
  • Negotiating for the purchase of the medical records of Dr.George Buckley. These records describe his medical practice in Guysborough during the period 1867 to 1937.
  • Providing Doctors Nova Scotia with medical history displays as well as medical history vignettes for Doctors NS Magazine.

The Medical Vignettes in Doctors NS Magazine, 2014-2015

  • Nova Scotia had the largest hospital in North America, 1716-58
  • The Garrison Medical Library established in Halifax in 1817
  • The Halifax Naval Hospital constructed in 1872
  • Physician condemned by colleagues in 1867 for endorsing a smallpox cure
  • The Daybooks and Ledgers of Dr. George Buckley return to Nova Scotia
  • Dr. John Stewart brought Dalhousie’s Faculty of Medicine to the international stage
  • A historic photograph provides a snapshot of Halifax’s medical history, photos of the first thirty physicians at the VGH
  • The rescue and remediation of the Victoria General Hospital records

Our Plans for Displays and Lectures
for 2016-2018

  • Four communities in Nova Scotia have been approached to partner with us to mount displays on the medical history in their region: Bridgewater, Kentville, New Glasgow, and Sydney. The displays will focus on profiles of early medical practitioners and hospitals in each region. The unveiling of the displays will be accompanied by a power-point presentation of the region’s medical history.
  • A display will be prepared in 2017 describing the response of the medical profession to the Halifax Explosion. The display will be mounted at both the Nova Scotia Museum and also at Doctors 
Nova Scotia.
  • Displays and lectures will be prepared to assist in celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Dalhousie Medical School. Dean Anderson has asked Dr. Marble to join the organizing committee.
  • Four medical vignettes will be prepared for publication in Doctors NS magazine for 2016.

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